The Basset Hound is a short, relatively heavy dog. The head is large and well-proportioned with a rounded skull. The muzzle is deep and heavy with the length being greater than the width at the brow. The brown eyes have a soft, sad look to them and are slightly sunken with a prominent haw. The darkly pigmented lips have loose hanging flews and the dewlap is very pronounced. The skin hangs loose like elastic and falls in folds on the head. The velvety ears are set low and extremely long hanging toward the ground. The large teeth meet in either a scissors or even bite. The chest is very deep, extending in front of the front legs. The dog’s hindquarters are very full and round. The paws are big. The dewclaws may be removed. The coat is dense, short, hard and shiny.


The Basset Hound is a wonderful and pleasant family dog. Great around children of all ages, even when growing up without them around, perfect towards the elderly and even other pets. This breed is calm, loving and quite lazy. The Basset Hound does require a firm owner, so stubbornness doesn’t get the best of the breed, and as always, positive reinforcement is highly recommended for training. The Basset Hound needs a daily walk, and this takes care of much of the activity needed in their routine. It is extremely important to always have your Basset on a leash and harness or within a properly safe fenced yard, due to their extreme tract scenting capabilities it is always a concern that they will pick up a scent and start to follow it.
 If you believe that Basset Hounds is the right breed of dog for you, check this link. 

How to find the right breeder for your puppy

If you live in any part of Europe,  you can check some breeder’s in good standing with KCAB, is an organization that is duty is to ensure that dogs are healthy and happy, the Kennel Club has a responsibility to lobby against legislation which could negatively impact on dogs and their owners, and to raise awareness of issues that affect dog health, welfare and general well-being.

Basset Hounds are renowned for their gentle, docile demeanor.