Catalonian Sheepdogs are heavy-duty outdoor dogs despite their cute looks. They make good household pets, but are still very close to their roots: They like to be outside herding something. Ideally, you will have a fenced-in yard and exercise your dog at least twice a day.


The Catalonian Sheepdog’s stance and proportions suggest this is a big dog, but it’s actually smallish to medium-sized. Their physique is athletic and solid. These are furry, shaggy dogs with a longish, flat to lightly waved coat and undercoat. Their coats are sable, fawn, or gray, with small amounts of reddish brown, chestnut, black or white throughout. When they shed, they first lose hair on the back end, giving the impression of two different coat types on one dog for a while. The Catalonian Sheepdog’s eyes are not covered with fur like other sheepdog breeds, but they do sport full beards and mustaches that give them a welcoming, almost goofy look.

This breed is used for herding and as a pet dog. Because of its intelligence, the Gos D’Atura, like most sheepdogs, are easy to train. This cheerful dog excels at dog-sports, such as agility and doggy-dance. In spite of its appearance, this courageous dog is also used as a watch-dog. An “all-around-dog” and great companion.

They guard sheep without needing instruction. Enough (outdoor) activity and distraction makes this dog a quiet and well-balanced home companion. This breed is appropriate for people with firm techniques and who can give the dog enough exercise. Early socialization is important, particularly if the dog will be around children. The dogs defend their family and become attached to it.


Catalan Sheepdogs are well proportioned with smart rectangular bodies. They are medium sized with strong well proportioned heads in keeping with the rest of their bodies. They boast straight muzzles with black noses and dark amber coloured wide set eyes, displaying an alert and intelligent expression. Their ears are triangular with cute tips, and they’re set quite high so they hang close the dog’s head and covered in long hairs that form a type of appealing fringe.

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