Though the Berger Blanc Suisse (also known the White Swiss Shepherd Dog or Snowy Shepherd) looks remarkably similar to both the White Shepherd and the White German Shepherd, all three of these dogs are separate breeds. The Berger Blanc Suisse is recognized only by the Federation Cynologique Internationale. These dogs are intelligent, but they are also friendly by nature and loyal to their families. If you are looking for a unique breed of dog that makes an excellent family pet, consider the Berger Blanc Suisse.


The Berger Blanc Suisse is an intelligent breed that typically responds well to training. These dogs do not tend to be independent or strong-willed but it is recommended that you start training early. This breed can be trained for a variety of dog sports including agility, obedience, flyball, rack, and herding. These dogs have also been used for therapy and as assistance dogs. Early socialization is also recommended for this breed to prevent it from becoming shy or wary around strangers.

Most Berger Blanc Suisse dogs are gentle, very intelligent and learn easily. They are loyal to their family and may be wary around strangers, but are not to show shy or fearful behavior. Some people think the Arctic wolf was mixed with the breed to create its caution, however this is not true. The Berger Blanc Suisse breed derived from decades of evolution to a distinct breed type from the German Shepherd Dog. The Berger Blanc Suisse are suited for a variety of services to man from search and rescue to medical alert to therapy. They are also structured and have temperaments to succeed at performance events such as: obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, barn hunt (ratting), protection sports, dock diving, fly ball, truffling, and other scent/tracking oriented training. They are natural herders, can cart, and are very well suited as an all around utility farm dog.

The Berger Blanc Suisse was originally bred from the white-coat lines of the German Shepherd so it has strong herding tendencies. This being the case, the Berger Blanc Suisse has fairly high needs for exercise. In addition to a daily 30-minute walk, these dogs appreciate having plenty of outdoor space to run and play. Training this breed for various dog sports will also help to provide additional mental and physical stimulation.
The Berger Blanc Suisse shares its origins with both the White Shepherd and the White German Shepherd. As such, it is not recognized as a separate breed by the AKC but it is by the Federation Cynologique.
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