Bubbles the elephant was rescued when she was orphaned as a baby. At the sanctuary where she now lives she found a best friend in Bella the black labrador dog. Their antics are epic.

No one at no barking, no one disputes, quarrels and no irritation. Only friendship, a sense of light and positive sea. Strange but true: the black dog and a huge elephant became best friends. They walk together, play together, bath together, together dry off, and do not spill water. That’s such an unusual, but sincere friendship!


This is one of the most adorable animal friendships that you’ll ever see. Bubbles and Bella have become the best of friends, and can often be seen playing in the water together. They love playing fetch together. Bubbles throws the ball with her trunk while Bella jumps off of Bella’s head or back and swims to retrieve the ball.

When Bubbles first arrived, she weighed only 340 lbs and stood 42 inches tall. Now, she is over 9 ft tall and weighs about 4 tons. Bella was left at the park by the contractor who built bubbles her swimming pool.


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