Parco Sempione (“Simplon Park”) is a large city park in Milan, Italy. Established in 1888, it has an overall area of 38.6 hectares, and it is located in the historic centre of the city.

The park is adjacent to the gardens of the Sforza Castle and to the Arch of Peace, two of the main landmarks of Milan. The very design of the park, due to architect Emilio Alemagna, was conceived with the intent of creating panoramic views encompassing both monuments.


Alemagna incorporated several structures that were erected for Napoleon’s planned Foro Bonaparte: the Arena Civica, the Arco della Pace and the nearby custom houses.

The Arena Civica, located in the eastern part of the park, was built in 1806 after a design by Luigi Canonica who was inspired by the classical arenas of Ancient Rome.


Another legacy of Napoleon is the Arco della Pace, which was originally built in 1807 by Luigi Cagnola as the Victory Arch, but when the monument was finally completed in 1838, Napoleon had long dropped out of the picture and the arch was inaugurated as the Arco della Pace (Peace Arch) by King Ferdinand I of Austria.

arco della pace.JPG

Just south of the Arena Civica is the Acquario Civico, the only remaining structure of the 1906 Milan World expo. The aquarium was designed by Sebastiano Locati in Stile Liberty, a local version of the Art Nouveau style. The front facade is decorated with colorful tiles, a central statue of Neptune and several sculptures of sea animals.

arena civica.jpg

Only thing you need to do in order to reach there is to take the green or red line with metro and take off in the stop called Cadorna, the second alternative is green line on Lanza station.

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