A new space for the entertainment industry, for the public concert, for nightclubber most demanding, for the organizers of events of art, fashion and culture, a welcoming place for anyone looking for a futuristic and hospitable place, with a well defined identity  modern and avant-garde in every aspect but at the same time versatile and able to become a reference point for different realities .

Fabrique Milan is the ultimate challenge won by Studio Architects Beretta , a hallmark and excellence since 1982 for the design and construction of structures, buildings and premises of the most significant part of the nightlife and entertainment, particularly at Milan and Rome.


Fabrique project with the passion and expertise that has always characterized their every creation, thinking about how to combine the need for a space intended for a multifunctional use and remain modern for a long time, with tradition and the history of pre-existing structure in the same place, the seat of Venus Discs, historical distributor of music products.


From  Milan Porta Garibaldi  take the underground Line 2 (green) towards Gessate / Cologno and get off at Piola. From Piola take line 90 (right circular) for 7 stops and get off at “Viale Campania / Viale Corsica”.From here take line 27 for 10 stops and get off at “Via Maecenas / Via Fantoli.”

From  Milan Cadorna  walk down 300 meters and go to the stop of the line 27 “Corso Magenta / Via Nirone”. Take Line 27 for 24 stops and get off at “Via Maecenas / Via Fantoli”.